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HDS Events Ambassador

A good party you do not give alone, we are looking for uptempo fanatics who want to help us promote and think about organizing a hardcore party!

Who are we?


HDS Events is part of Hard Dance Store,

you guessed it... With HDS Events we want to organize crazy hardcore parties. We have already shown what we have to offer with our merchandise. Now it's time for the events.


What do we have to offer?


- You get 25% discount on your ticket, if you have already bought a ticket you can take this discount with you to the next event and have 50% discount next time!
- You can reward your friends with a 10% discount code! The ambassador who brings the most friends wins a meet & greet with our artists and the HDS team! Each ambassador gets a separate discount code.
- You get a discount code on the merchandise of Hard Dance Store of 10%.
- You come in a Whatsapp group app with all team members and can think along with the ideas.

How can you help us?


-Some posts through your social media channels would help us tremendously, we definitely don't want it to come across as spam and only want ambassadors who are behind us.
-Proudly show in your bio on your socials that you are part of our team.
-Help us by reposting our posts in your story


We have limited space for ambassadors, please fill in your details below!

If we would like to have you on the team we will contact you!