RevealerGenre Uptempo Hardcore
Revealer is someone who needs no introduction. This amazing talent creates tune after tune and is motivated to reach the top.

The music of ‘Revealer’ is well known in the scene. At most outdoor and indoor festivals his numbers are played by the biggest artists. He scored a mega hit with ‘Miss You (Revealer Bootleg)’ and reached over 1 million views/streams on this track. Other tracks that you may know are ‘Deep Down Low’, ‘Whoopty’ and ‘Back to the past’.

Add this insane talent to you line-up and you will get an awesome show with a lot of energy, banging tracks and craziness. Be quick because his schedule is filling up.

AngerzamGenre Uptempo Hardcore
Meet Angerzam, this kid bangs your ears out with his tracks.

Angerzam started creating music at a young age. He created absolute bangers like ‘Mashup 1’, ‘Cerrooo’ and ‘Stainless Steel’.

But his track ‘Kokeen – Angerzam Remix’ exceeded all expectations. With more than 1.8 million streams on Spotify he shows his musical talent.

Angerzam is the DJ to add to you line-up if you want somebody to demolish your music system, break down your ears and create an insane atmosphere.

The Herbalist
The HerbalistGenre Uptempo Hardcore
Let us introduce ‘The Herbalist’. This new kid in the scene is an absolute talent. He began his musical journey producing raw hardstyle at a young age, but found out that his tempo is uptempo. He started producing uptempo hardcore, always trying to combine fast uptempo kicks with melodies. He created bangers like ‘Seen What I’ve Seen’, ‘Up Top’ and ‘In My Face’.

This is only the beginning of this upcoming musical talent. A lot of new tunes are waiting for you, including insane collabs with Noxiouz, The Dope Doctor and Revealer.

This kid will bring a lot of energy on stage and is definitely somebody you need to keep an eye on. We can proudly say that you can book him now.

Inner Rage
Inner RageGenre Uptempo Hardcore
Lets meet Inner Rage, this rising uptempo hardcore talent is ready to tear down your stage.

He has worked really hard to get to this point and made a lot of tracks. You may know him from tunes like ‘MF Down’, ‘Turn it up’ and Venom.

He His energetic power creates an insane atmosphere on your party. In every track he creates the ‘wow’ effect and thats what you hear when he is playing the decks. Inner Rage is an absolute addition to your line-up!